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[short story] L'amore d'Agna

2020. 06. 01. 15:00 | \English \experimental \monologue \novella

Days have turned into nights that then turned into dawns and days again countless times since I saw L'amore d'Agna. It was the truest form of love, the purest source of happiness, yet there are no evidence that it ever existed; all I know is based on observations and experience, not on the nowadays preferred written way...

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[poem] reasons

2020. 05. 15. 17:30 | \English \experimental \poem \spoken word poetry

average 107 226 kilometers an hour
the Earth's moving, spinning, rotating, dour
and just moves forth and further away
from the core
from the base
from the center of the milky way...

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[song] Lil' Jesus Is Coming To The Town

2019. 12. 24. 00:30 | \English \parody \song \weirdly positive

In Hungarian tradition Santa Clause, a.k.a. Saint Nicolas, a.k.a. Sánta Miklós brings small present at 6th o' December, while on Christmas, the (literally "little", but usually translated as) Baby Jesus brings the presents. How? Why? Those are questions I can nor will not answer.

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[song] Nightmare song

2019. 08. 06. 23:00 | \English \moli \song

Welcome there, child,
Don't be scared of me!
I'm naught, but a wild  
Demon, a hero of fate!

Take my hand now,
And follow me please!
I'm gonna show you
What's worth to be seen!

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Long absence... again

2019. 07. 01. 00:00 | \English \blog \toki pona

I know, I know, I promised I'll write sooner, but stuff happened.

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[short story] Introduction of Dreamers (unfinished)

2019. 06. 14. 10:30 | \English \Talyiah \unfinished

published on 2021. 09. 09., based on a story within a story in vi.log.

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Plans and bit of BTS update

2019. 05. 27. 04:00 | \English \blog \bts \rap \toki pona

Talking about ongoing projects and new track announcement.

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[rap] I'm Back

2019. 05. 11. 22:30 | \English \magyar \random \rap \toki pona

Visszatértem! Dschorsaanjo's back! o moku e moku Kamala
mi nasa, la sina nasa, la mi mute li musi e kalama...

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vi.log, nano and general updates

2019. 05. 01. 12:00 | \English \WIP \blog \vi.log

Recently most of my work was either on vi.log or stuff connected to vi.log. But why would I work on something that literally no one reads?

Also I just updated to nano 4.2 and it's great :D

(Originally without date, guessed estimate is now shown.)

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[poem] Poem

2019. 05. 01. 10:00 | \English \poem \random

Today I wrote a poem.
You might not like it as a poem,
But at least poem rhymes with poem,
And it works well for a poem...

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