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Concepts for Writing

2020. 12. 09. 20:00 | \English \blog

Concepts for Writing is a document I wrote during April of 2020 to present some of my (currently and mostly) unused or somewhat abandoned concepts. I completely forgot about it and never posted anywhere, until now, when I do post it basically exactly as it was...

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Amidst the darkness

2020. 09. 14. 13:06 | \English \blog

it's been a while I've written a real one of these

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Unpopular post

2020. 08. 18. 22:12 | \English \blog \controversial

not that anyone would read it

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2020. 07. 30. 17:48 | \English \blog

Even though I have only published a couple of short stories that are, quite frankly, most likely to be no more than "early tries", nowadays I fancy myself as a writer and as such, I look at the world in a different way than before. Of course, as you can see, I have written novellas (or "short stories" if we want to stick with English terminology), but they were...

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sitelen lili

2020. 04. 18. 19:30 | \blog \toki pona

So I made a vid about sitelen lili (or attempted to, depending on whether the recording's usable)

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Long absence... again

2019. 07. 01. 00:00 | \English \blog \toki pona

I know, I know, I promised I'll write sooner, but stuff happened.

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Plans and bit of BTS update

2019. 05. 27. 04:00 | \English \blog \bts \rap \toki pona

Talking about ongoing projects and new track announcement.

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vi.log, nano and general updates

2019. 05. 01. 12:00 | \English \WIP \blog \vi.log

Recently most of my work was either on vi.log or stuff connected to vi.log. But why would I work on something that literally no one reads?

Also I just updated to nano 4.2 and it's great :D

(Originally without date, guessed estimate is now shown.)

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Why did I redo the original design (which was pretty nice)?

2019. 03. 21. 00:30 | \English \blog \bts

When I migrated to AutoMad (which is still AWESOME) I looked for a nice template that would suffice my needs and, luckily, the default theme was looking great! But I had to do some alterations...

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Work has been paused for a while now...

2019. 02. 10. 06:30 | \English \WIP \blog \bts


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