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[short story] Mark Time

2022. 02. 19. 01:30 | \English \dedicated \français \pun intended \random

"No!" The angry student exclaimed, "I told you already! This is it! I refuse to change any of it!" He threw his papers in the air and stormed out of the lecture hall.

"What was that about?" asked the curious bystander, who helped Mark to pick up the angry student's essay.

"Just another art student refusing criticism," he said as he looked at his empty wrist, "do you know what time is it?"

"It's 11:05," she revealed with morbid casualty.

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[vers] Őrült szerelem

2018. 12. 07. 22:00 | \English \français \magyar \olin \poem \spoken word poetry

Várok rád
Csak várok
Hallgatom a csendet, amíg várok
Állok az esőben
Rád gondolok
Ázok, elázok
Beütnek a felesek...

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[vers] Szerelem

2017. 12. 14. 19:00 | \Deutsch \English \français \magyar \olin \performed \poem \spoken word poetry \toki pona

Nem tudom hányadik előadásom volt, régen elfelejtettem ideírni, most meg még 90-95 poszt vissza van, amit fel kell dolgoznom.

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