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[poem] Poem

2019. 05. 01. 10:00 | \English \poem \random

Today I wrote a poem.
You might not like it as a poem,
But at least poem rhymes with poem,
And it works well for a poem...

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Szerettem őt átiratok és átdolgozások

2019. 03. 20. 22:30 | \magyar \random \spoken word poetry

This post is in Hungarian! Please don't worry, I'd be writing it in English if it was about things that I activaly do in English. But this happened to be one of the very few exceptions that heavily language-dependent (at the moment at least)

Nemrég feltöltöttem a Szerettem őt új verzióját, valamint az eredeti "végleges" verziót. De mi vezetett ahhoz, hogy újra fel kelljen töltenem egy verset, pedig még a cím se változott?

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First post from phone

2018. 12. 31. 23:00 | \announcement \blog \random

Finally I realized that I'm able to write posts while taking a shhhhhhhhhhhh... releasing the waste.

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More uploading 2 hours before 2019

2018. 12. 31. 22:00 | \English \blog \random \rap \toki pona \unpublished

It's 2 hours till noon, or in this case, 2019.

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The sh*t continues (or, actually, this one was first)

2018. 12. 31. 04:30 | \English \blog \explicit \nostalgia \random \song \unpublished

I'm still looking for stuff to upload (and uploading contantly), then I found this one... It's titled Everything you've got.

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I've done it

2018. 12. 29. 04:30 | \English \Hello \announcement \blog \bts \random \vi.log

After he finally finished the work on design, he was able to move on and start uploading the sh*te that he called his poems and other written stuff -- a.k.a. writings (of various genres).

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2018. 12. 28. 23:30 | \English \WIP \Ztext \blog \bts \programming \random

'Tis my very first blog post where I talk about the making and history of this site (or rather about it's current iteration).

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[poem] toki lon toki pona nanpa wan pi jan Sotan

2018. 10. 04. 12:00 | \poem \random \spoken word poetry \toki pona \toki pona taso

mi jan Sotan li toki.
mi toki pona li toki mi.
toki ni li jo ala e nimi.
mi pini.

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sitelen pi tenpo suno sike nanpa 2017

2017. 11. 01. 12:00 | \drawings \random \sitelen \sitelen pona \toki pona \toki pona taso

sitelen ni li pi tenpo suno sike nanpa 2017.

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[vers] De me, avagy más szóval

2017. 06. 08. 19:00 | \introduction \latin \magyar \performed \poem \random \spoken word poetry

A legelső előadásom... inkább nem gondolnék vissza rá (borzalmas volt).

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