Why did I redo the original design (which was pretty nice)?

2019. 03. 21. 00:30 | \English \blog \bts

When I migrated to AutoMad (which is still AWESOME) I looked for a nice template that would suffice my needs and, luckily, the default theme was looking great! But I had to do some alterations...

...and by some I mean a ton in the css and to make about 6 new templates for posts and stuff (mostly because for multilingual parts).

Here is an image about how my site looks with the default theme (without changing any content) and how my design looks like (or looked like as of now):

As you can see, the original design is nice and all, but there was a few key feature that I had to have:

  • possibly a truly grayscale-colorscheme, except for special cases (this isn't true, but close enough)
  • header image (partially because I already designed the basics, see here)
  • off-white gray background (a bit more technically #fafafa, a.k.a. Gray98 as I just learned)
  • dark, non-black gray font color for good contrast
  • fixed amount of recommended posts (you should've seen it how it was originally, it basically listed everything that shared a tag or was on the same subpage as the post)
  • etc.

So I had to learn how this system worked and it was surprisingly easy, except for the part where I had no clue and just did everything in true trial-and-error style.

Good times...

Although now I finally moved my modifications to another theme instead of rewriting the modifications after every update. Not that I wasn't grateful for the updates, but I had to do this in order to not to go crazy every time an update arrives.

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FamiStudio VRC7 Expansion Reference

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This is a reference page and demo for the VRC7 Expansion in FamiStudio (based on the Konami VRC7 chip)

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█ █████ ████ ████ ██ ██ ████ this image ███ ███████ help ██ ███ ████ ███

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So I made a song without writing a score first.

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