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[rap] mi moli ala

2023. 02. 14. 19:56 | \random \rap \toki pona taso \weirdly positive

tenpo ni la mi wile pali
li pali mute.
taso musi taso la mi pilin pona.
ni kin la
mi wile toki e ni tawa sina:

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[rap] musi lon

2022. 11. 21. 17:13 | \random \rap \song \toki pona \toki pona taso

Free the fish!

Working title was "musi pan", first draft was written at the end of August

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[rap] nimi mute

2022. 11. 21. 17:10 | \random \rap \toki pona \toki pona taso

Originally written to Kalimbastic before it was repurposed.

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[poem] In Memoriam

2022. 09. 11. 15:16 | \poem \spoken word poetry \toki pona \toki pona taso

tenpo li ante e jan e ma.
tenpo li awen e nasa e tan.
pona li sama pona lon ma ona,
la mi wile e ike li wile ala e pona.

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[rap] olin li tawa jan ale lon

2022. 08. 16. 15:11

olin li tawa jan ale... why is it so hard to understand?
the final version until better times will come

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mostly spoken word renditions of pieces written in toki pona, released or otherwise | jaki mi

2021. 08. 07. 11:00 | \English \spoken word poetry \toki pona


Hi, I'm uhm... well, me.
jan Sotan, Ae. Dschorsaanjo, jan ala, or just Zoli
and this is the mostly spoken word renditions of pieces written in toki pona, released or otherwise.
As the title says, it is not going to be my usual stuff.
You shall hear lyrics previously unrecorded, possibly unpublished,
along with some that you might have heard before,
long and long agone in a galaxy we occupy.
After these last few sentences though, nigh everything shall be in toki pona, so...

original script of my performance on suno pi toki pona 2021

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[comic] I'M BACK

2021. 03. 19. 18:25 | \English \drawings \toki pona

just a silly little comic I drew

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[rap] pilin ike awen

2020. 12. 02. 21:00 | \rant \rap \toki pona \日本語

tenpo mute la tawa sina la mi wile toki e ijo.
mi ken ala awen e kalama ni, la mi wile awen tawa kon.
toki mi li lon. sitelen sina li jaki.
o tawa mama sina li nimi e ona sama "Mami!"
sitelen mi li sitelen sama ala sitelen pi jan ante.
sitelen mi li sitelen sama pu. ona li ken ala ike ante.
tenpo mun pini mute la mi toki e ni: "I'm back!"
tenpo ni la mi sitelen li toki ala awen...

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[rap] Tokipokalama

2020. 08. 06. 01:59 | \rap \toki pona taso

This is a lyrics I've been struggling to record, so I finally publish it here.

Update (oct 2022): Since it was performed in spoken word form during 2021's tenpo suno pi toki pona, it is considered to be "done", so I will not feel bad for never properly recording it.

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[rap] tawa en sike

2019. 10. 30. 19:30 | \experimental \rap \toki pona taso

mi tawa lon insa pi ma tomo pi kasi,
la mi pali e moku soweli seli.
mi moku e
    ona li pilin e wile
tan ni:
    meli ona li jo e lupa sike.
ona li wile unpa.
ona li wile awen
lon sewi kiwen pi olin pi kule
pi laso loje pimeja jelo.
tenpo mute la mi tawa. mi wile e telo...

(pssst, there are interesting "behind the scenes" like notes too!)

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