[short story] Closed due to renovations

2023. 09. 22. 16:30 | \English \moli \novella

We are terribly sorry to inform you that the Executioner's Office is temporarily closed due to renovations, as on the 10th of May, the grieving widow of a former customer drove their car through our display of antique torture devices, into the inner wall of our waiting area, endangering the structural integrity of the establishment.

Customers marked for execution are kept safely in the dungeons; their executions may need to be rescheduled until the walk-in theater is fully operational in accordance with the law, which states "in case of an unexpected delay of one's execution, all of the following executions must be withheld as well, so no one man may live unproportionately longer than other wasted souls".
However, our torture chambers are luckily unaffected and normal operations may resume in two days time. During the renovations, please use the back entrance in Headless Alley to visit us. As always, please make an appointment if you would like to inquire about our services available for the public.

Thank you for your patiance until these issues are resolved.

Executioner #49 of the 7th Street Chambers.

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[poem] Untitled Pseudo-Rhyming Mumbling That I Shall Henceforth Call A Poem

2023. 09. 22. 10:30 | \English \poem \random

A kind of silly poem that I've begun writing on 23 March 2022.

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Custom notification sounds

2023. 09. 08. 21:13 | \English \music \random

I made some custom notification sounds for myself and I thought I finally share them.

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Gaming system reference table

2023. 08. 12. 13:59 | \English

A reference table (sortable) for various gaming systems (handhelds, consoles, arcades) to check screen resolutions and aspect ratios for emulation. It was created for checking and comparing different system's aspect ratios and resolutions.

The table is incomplete (partially to keep it reasonable simple) and may contain erros!

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