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Concepts for Writing is a document I wrote during April of 2020 to present some of my (currently and mostly) unused or somewhat abandoned concepts. I completely forgot about it and never posted anywhere, until now, when I do post it basically exactly as it was, except for this introduction, one or two typos I just found and maybe two instanced of removing (working) titles.. Otherwise, I didn't even read it through, I only made sure that there's nothing here I don't want to mention, although given that it's more than half a year old, there should be nothing.
If something was removed, a placeholder is used such as this: TITLE REMOVED.

After this first separator, everything is as it was originally written without a good second read (including unfinished appendix and further notes that are usually cut from published works).
Please enjoy.

So... I'm running out of ideas, so naturally, my idea for this was to write down all the ideas I have for writing. Here are some of my concepts that I wanted to use in one way or another, some of these may even have been done already or a work in progress, so be aware of possible spoilers for the future.

The way it's gonna work is thus:
I'm gonna tell you the basic concept, possibly it's origin, probably it's intended genre and the language or language in which these are written.

Generally speaking, if the language isn't defined, it's most likely either undecided or English.

And because I'm gonna use my own words describing these things, let me give you a quick list of definitions that I'm gonna use:

  • audio-play: basically anything that audio-only and meant to be entertaining. Also called "radio-play" or "radio-drama", but I'm not on radio and these are usually not dramas.
  • novella: Since my website's header permanently says "aesch's novellas", I think I ought to tell you my use of the word "novella": it's a short story. That's it. Or a flash story. In Hungarian we have a slightly different nomenclature for literature, so what we call "novella" is a short story in English and what we call "kisregény" (literally "small novel") is a "novella". So my header could or should say "aesch's stories" or "aesch's stuff", given how much of them are lyrics and such, but this is a name I kept as a tradition.
  • undefinable genre, I don't know what that would be, whatever and alike: I either have no idea what genre that would be, or I have no idea what I should call it, if it's already done or a work-in-progress.

The list in which these are going to be presented are randomized, with some occasional restriction, such as Y cannot be placed before X, for it builds onto that.
But, without further ado, let's get started.

The "Misheard Hidden Truth" Concept

Have you ever noticed that there are words that are part of your language, yet somehow you never heard before until one day you did it twice? This is the idea behind **** ****, a conspiracy theory about that specific aforementioned thing, while also being a parody on crazy conspiracy theories. Don't get me wrong, I love me some good conspiracy theory, but there are, for sure, some that makes you wonder Is this guy for real?

This concept was born after I was wondering what weird word-combinations are out there that sound either similar or exactly the same, at least with my accent and foreign ears. An example for this would be the word "urine" and the words "you're in", as "you are in".

This is a work-in-progress piece that meant to be either an audio-play or an audio-visual masterpiece, give you define "audio-visual masterpiece" as a guy speaking English in a weird accent while showing public domain and creative commons pictures, possibly along with some really bad drawings.

The "Log" Concept

How much can we learn about someone from reading different programs' logs on his computer? We daily accept websites and applications to send data to others, but what about locally run software? And what if this application is a virtual assistance that's secretly an AI? For what purpose do they need these data and how do they benefit from it?

Aside form the last part, it all can be found out in vi.log, which is technically a work-in-progress whatever, but nowadays only a gateway to my small JavaScript thingies and haven't been touched in months.

If you're interested you can find this one in the vi.log.

The "Who The Hell Are You What Is Going On And How Am I Gonna Survive?!?!?!?!" Concept

Have you ever been alone in your apartment during the night? Have you ever looked out the window to see a shadowy figure staring at you? Did you ever turn around and saw, or you thought you saw someone or something behind you? Or the glowing eyes staring at you are only the cat's?

Disturbing thoughts, even now, when I'm writing this down at 23:43 (that's 11:43pm for you weirdos, who are used to a 12-hour clock).

If I was writing it now, I would struggle to find a format that suits me, but luckily, it's a story within a story, as it's part of Hello, a story I am technically still writing (even though there wasn't any meaningful update for probably more than a year). But where it is within that? Well, if you have to know, it's somewhere, why not read the rest, while you're at it? It's on!


Okay, if you really have to know, this is basically the story of Night 13.

The "How To Concept" or "Shitty" Concept

Have you ever had struggle with coming up concepts for writing? As many authors said before, "we do not come up with the stories, other people tell us the stories, we are but filling the gaps"... or something like that.
But what if you have no friends? Well, then you have a problem.

This monologue would demonstrate how to make something boring into something interesting. It all begins with a single idea, "I need to shit", and step-by-step we'd discover how many possibilities there are to make this usually boring activity into something exciting. How many setting can we create? In which way could it become a comedy or a horror?

That was the idea about 3 days ago when I first thought about making it, but I ended up abandoning this one. It would've been a monologue in the form of an audio-play, although now that I think about it, it could also work as a novella.

The "What The Ef Is Going On?" Concept

You are alone in a room you've never seen before that has no door or windows. You know not why are you there, nor what had happened in the past few days. Somehow you had to get there, that's for sure. What would you do in a situation like this?

I cannot give you details, but a possible solution is what this story would tell you.

I wish I could tell you more, but it is not only a bilingual work-in-progress with its own secrets, but also an already published one and it's titl-- suddenly cut audio

The "Space station" Concept

Everyone has wondered what it would be like out there, in space, being on an old, but by some miracle still functioning, spaceship as a communication officer, right? Right?

Well, I was, and I was also inspired TV Shows like Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Universe among others, alas without all their exciting supernatural parts. (Yes, I unironically liked Stargate Universe, and I don't care how unpopular my opinion is. And yes, I too grew up watching Stargate SG-1). This one, I wanted to keep simple and realistic. And also, this is a work-in-progress that some of you probably instantly recognized for at least one reason that I will not spoke of, for I have a raw recording of it that might actually be suitable for edit and publishing.

What I can tell is, it's an audio-play in English using a possibly too restrictive format for being entertaining in this genre, so it might turn into a novella later on, in which case I am sorry for bugging you to contribute and for not using what you were so kind to record for me.

The "Traffic Center" or "Átjátszóház" Concept

Holly hell, this is an old one. So this is about an insanely huge, gargantuan "building" in... space? Between dimensions? I'm not sure, but it's about this place and the people within, who are the last remaining human. It focuses on the protagonist and it was supposed to be my first real use of Nyclëngij, my first attempt to create a constructed language. It was before I know toki pona or even English, so for all practical purposes, I was monolingual back then. Point is, this concept worth mentioning, even if I dare not read through what I wrote back then in 2013. So, there's this artificial place that is huge. For comparison, think of the Citadel from the Mass Effect series, but tens of times bigger in scope, something like a planet, and it is designed to hold billions if not trillions of people. It's original purpose was to serve as a neutral meeting ground for... different species I believe, but somehow it ended up being the home for many and the last place for humans to live in. It has mostly abandoned its original role and the story would have focused a single person, who is a psichologist, because back then I was really interested in psichology for a few months, and... that's it. I didn't know how to continue the story, I remember I had the general idea in mind for a few years, but never done anything with it and now I almost completely forgot it.

It was originally written in Hungarian as a series or novellas, featuring heavily my then-new constructed language that had crazy properties, like 40+ sounds and an equally crazy writing system, but I'm rambling, so let's move on.

The "Let's Take The Badly Written, Unoriginal Story From A Simple Video Game I Wrote With A Friend And Make It Something Great" Concept

Yes, it's about as exciting as it sounds. How to make a simple, practically non-existent-that-yet-a-shamelessly-like-Kill-Bill story into a great event that were later become the event that kicks off a new beginning or an era and defines the beginning of the calendar? Make it into a song titled "Trosi'im umor Asp'errkan", give everyone meantioned by name a short backstory and forget that you wrote this thing within one year. It was yet another--

Okay, I began this sentence about 20 minutes ago, when I moved on to another concept and I have no idea what I wanted to say there. To finish this concept, all I can say is that it can kind-of work, but not in the form originally thought of. After 8 or 9 years I still want to make a follow-up game to that one, where I could explore this currently Frankenstein-of-a-story, but not by placing it into a fantasy that has a hard magic system and ruining the idyllic image of an ancient species by giving them guns. And also I should really not name anything Asperrcian, I just came up with that name randomly with a random-ish spelling.

Original notes were written in Hungarian and would've placed into a series of novellas by some means that I am not willing to do neither now nor a year ago.

The "Make Everything connected!" Concept

Yes, it is what it sounds like. Let's take a grandiose fantasy world that was worked on before and place everything within it, even if those things aren't connected or separated by thousands if not millions of years, while also extend the scope with some sci-fi stuff, because why not.

It all began with the TITLE REMOVED concept that kind of instantly blew up (and that isn't, by any means, forgotten), and since it included our real planet, let's make it the place of other stories. This can more or less work, those things aren't interfere with each other at all, even if at a small scale it's an unnecessary detail, but why on earth wanted I add a sci-fi element to it by inserting the Space Station concept in it? It could work, but it feels wrong. Yes, they can co-exist within the same "universe" (and "universe" is in quotes here). No, they don't go against each other's rules and physics. So... just why? Having a fantasy world that explicitely co-exist to ours is a fun thing and by subtle hints they can exist together, but why add another huge element to it that's whole concept explicitely avoid any and every question about the existence of a home planet? It. Has. No. Point. It. Has. No. Purpose. It. Is Wrong.

Obviously this is a concept that involves multiple, if not all of the other ones, so multi-genre, multi-lingual and in this form, abandoned.

The "Concept" Concept

Write something what is basically a compilation of concepts for other writings.

This is this one, in audio form or in a written one at my website,


TODO: add descriptions and examples of related works, i.e. nyclëngij, trapas'am krosi and such.

DO NOT give out crucial details of concepts that I really intend to do!

- The **TITLE REMOVED** (Bhelin and Eti)
- The Physics-based Magic
- The New and Old Species
- The Saga (including **TITLE REMOVED**, Magic, Eti and Species), mentioning Amyorak, the last attempt to revive this, before the **TITLE REMOVED** concept was born
- Asperrcian (KaFePro and how I wanted to merge it into Amyorak) 
- The Fairy concept (**TITLE REMOVED**)
- Family history
- Amyorak
- speaker of all langs (one person per lang)

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