Custom notification sounds

2023. 09. 08. 21:13 | \English \music \random

I made some custom notification sounds for myself and I thought I finally share them.

I don't really care what you do with these1, they weren't really planned out, just played around and cut out the interesting bits, or came up with it while recording. Because they were meant to be played on phones alone, I was not too concerned with audio quality besides hopefully avoiding weird artifacts or unwanted high-ish pitch noise that are especially noticable through a phone's tiny speaker(s).

Presented in chronological order, might be updated later.

Notification in C Major (2022)

My first one, this has that undesirable background noise, although it's practically only audible in very quiet environments. I've been using this (or a variation; I must have altered it in some way at one point) as my primary notification sound ever since it was recorded on my Meinl KL801S kalimba.

Notification in C augmented (2023)

Recorded on my Meinl KA9-M kalimba in A harmonic minor (meaning I retuned one of the suplicated A4s to a G#) to replace Notification in C Major -- I ended up sticking to the original though, admittedly mainly because of laziness.

Notification in C augmented remix (2023)

I tried to make it sound a bit better and be somewhat more optimized for phone speakers -- it's probably better, but not much, I could've fine-tune it some more.

Notif-exp (collection, 2023)

These were recorded ad hoc after work, using my first ukulele (miguel almeria pure series, concert) with low-g tuning with having a "sometimes quiet office environment" in mind (so that it's audible, while also not being too abrasive to distract others). I personally ended up using 1, 2 and 3r..


This is made from 2 recordings of the "same thing", overlayed. I didn't plan to have this sound, but I ended up liking it.


I indented this to be my "main" notification sound and I'm using it as such, but ended up liking 1 and 3 more.


I wish I wrote down or remembered what notes I slide between, but I think it was A3 to A4 (i.e. from the 2nd to the 14th fret on the G-string).


This was maybe B4 to something (2nd to 14th fret on A-string)? Could be higher. I don't know. It's 23:46 currently as I'm writing this, I'm tired.


This one is just a louder version of 4.

  1. Consider these to be under CC0, a.k.a. "no rights reserved". ↩︎

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