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2021. 01. 27. 06:00 | \blog \drawings \spoiler

A self portrait and an illustration attempt for Unforeseen Visitor.

So... yeah. Here I am at twenty-something years of age re-attempting to draw on paper (my graphics tablet's either broken or miraculously fixed itself since I last tried it) and producing something that I should've been able to draw at 12 (±4). And also a little surprise at the end! (A surprise to me, that is—I found it on the first page of the notebook I used.)

oh and SPOILER ALERT! Reveals who the unforeseen visitor is from Unforeseen Visitor! By "reveals" I mean if you can guess from the sketch.

PS: I didn't really worry much about taking good photos of and "enhancing" them.

Self portrait, cheap chinese mechanical pencil on paper, 27 January 2021

The Unforeseen Visitor holding Miss Chonkus (including commentary), 27 January 2021

And finally, a depiction of my university killing me, approximately 20 minutes after that semester began. Fountain pen on paper, 12 February 2020

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