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Made a map for Johto and Kanto (mostly based on Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver)

2024. 05. 02. 00:00 | \drawings \map \random

I think it looks nice.

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[comic] I'M BACK

2021. 03. 19. 18:25 | \English \drawings \toki pona

just a silly little comic I drew

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drawing attempt

2021. 01. 27. 06:00 | \blog \drawings \spoiler

A self portrait and an illustration attempt for Unforeseen Visitor.

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sitelen pi tenpo suno sike nanpa 2017

2017. 11. 01. 12:00 | \drawings \random \sitelen \sitelen pona \toki pona \toki pona taso

sitelen ni li pi tenpo suno sike nanpa 2017.

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