First post from my phone after rework

2022. 10. 11. 15:48 | \English \blog

It is done what had to be done for way too long.

Well, I've been planning to rework my website for a while but I haven't done so yet until now and it looks fine I guess.

Replacing the old template came with some sacrifices, the search bar no longer pops up posts, but it has introduced something rather rare that hadn't been features on any of my previous websites in the past 5+ years: colors!
Well, a color and one other at the bottom. My sites had been almost entirely monochromatic, because I like that look and it also meant that I don't have to struggle with creating a color palette that'd fit every needs.

Anyway, it's time for me to finish procrastinating and redirect my old domain to the new one. Also I need to change the link at 3 places to the new domain.

Why am I doing this to myself? (said as if this wasn't the easiest part of the whole operation)

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The name's [ʔn̩]. [ˈzo̞.ʔn̩]

2022. 12. 04. 18:35 | \English \blog \bts \magyar

How do I pronounce Zotn, why does it matter and where does it come from anyway?

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RSS hook test and struggles with video

2022. 11. 22. 10:34 | \English \blog \bts

Previous RSS test didn't go through, maybe this one will? Also I've recorded a song!

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RSS should be hooked up to Twitter

2022. 11. 22. 01:30 | \English \blog

So this should be the showing up on my twitter feed.

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