Plans and bit of BTS update

2019. 05. 27. 04:00 | \English \blog \bts \rap \toki pona

Talking about ongoing projects and new track announcement.

So, I planned to write an update about 1 month ago (more about that here), and now another one, because almost none of those have been made (yet!(?)).

I had plans to record and such: about these I can gladly announced (here too, technically it was already posted in a group chat on an unspecified platform) that I have recorded a new rap (lyrics not yet posted as of 2019/05/27) that I'm very proud of how it turned out, and I'm sitting on 2 other raw recordings awaiting some work (those will probably be re-recorded).

As of creating videos for them, I have plans that I may or may not have talked about earlier (I did probably in the lost blog post, mentioned in the linked post above), but those requires a huge amount of learning and practicing, for which I have not had the time yet, due to my exams (reminder: I'm a university student).

About the aforementioned new track, it is a relatively short (~2 minutes) toki pona/Hungarian multilingual rap that is about what its title is: I'M BACK. More on that in the actual lyrics and song. It is NOT pu though, it is 60% pure nasin pi jan Sotan (the rest is in Hungarian).

About the other projects: I revisiting my old-ish conlang plans, I slowly work on my toki pona book (finalized title is lipu toki pona), I have plans to write a whole new custom template for this website (instead of using a customized default one) and... that's about it.
Oh, and I also plan to work on my other hobby-conlanging related projects, i.e. the htmlizer (which is a short dummy script for converting (python-)markdown to html) and the dschictionary (which is waiting for its major update for 2 years now).

I think this is all I wanted to tell you (or thou, to be more realistic) for now.

PS: And of course, the vi.log is still growing slowly.

PS2: Hello is planned to continue, but still thinking on workarounds and/or changes on story (mostly in the background stuff, I want to avoid retcons as much as possibly).

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