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2022. 10. 28. 01:14 | \English \blog

I finally realized that instead of redirecting everything from my old domain ( to (i.e. this website's home page) is stupid; why not keep the path as-is instead of erasing it?

To be fair, at the time when I made the switch my main concern was that no one will find the new one (is there even such a person?), so I just did the first thing that came to mind. Now, just 3 minutes ago, I wanted to look up the lyrics of ale ala li pona tawa mi and I got a link to the toki pona section of my old website from google. Yes, I did use google to look up my own lyrics -- this website partially exist to archive, and to have easy access to my "published works". Anyway, I clicked on it and it redirected me to the home page and it finally clicked; why don't I preserve the path? I'm still using the same CMS, same internal stucture, the content had been lifted from there and was mostly unchanged and even if it was changed, maybe 1 or 2 titles were affected, so most of the stuff should still work.

Why do I feel like I'm rumbling?

NOTE TO SELF: when you do something with the old domain that I know you want to keep, redirect every compatible URL to this website -- might restrict you a bit if you want to use /english, /hungarian, /contact, /toki-pona, /about and in some other cases, but it's still better than worrying about losing potential people interested in your work.

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FamiStudio VRC7 Expansion Reference

2023. 03. 17. 16:30 | \English \bts

This is a reference page and demo for the VRC7 Expansion in FamiStudio (based on the Konami VRC7 chip)

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2023. 03. 17. 16:29 | \English \controversial \random

█ █████ ████ ████ ██ ██ ████ this image ███ ███████ help ██ ███ ████ ███

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2023. 03. 09. 03:58 | \English \bts

So I made a song without writing a score first.

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