RSS should be hooked up to Twitter

2022. 11. 22. 01:30 | \English \blog

Maybe this one as well. I don't know. I never used RSS and I just quickly ███████ ██████████ ██ ████ █████.

Anyhoo, I'm quite desperate, even though I just finished a song today. Yes, song. Yes, I sing in it. Yes, it's half rap-but-kind-of-like-spoken-word.

It's 1:30, I'm tired.

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The name's [ʔn̩]. [ˈzo̞.ʔn̩]

2022. 12. 04. 18:35 | \English \blog \bts \magyar

How do I pronounce Zotn, why does it matter and where does it come from anyway?

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RSS hook test and struggles with video

2022. 11. 22. 10:34 | \English \blog \bts

Previous RSS test didn't go through, maybe this one will? Also I've recorded a song!

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Redirects and such

2022. 10. 28. 01:14 | \English \blog

I finally realized that instead of redirecting everything from my old domain ( to (i.e. this website's home page) is stupid; why not keep the path as-is instead of erasing it?

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