Just a random thought

2020. 07. 07. 01:30 | \random \weirdly positive

A random thought about being a writer (handwriting sample included)

Being a writer is like...

Nothing special here, only a random thought with included handwriting sample.

Being a writer is like being the ugliest girl at a swinger party; you can somewhat be part of the experience, but you'll have plenty of free time to spectate and thus recite the events later more accuratily than most.

I know there's a typo... writo? Spelling error. That's why I use spell checkers even when I'm writing using a text editor running in terminal (nano editor for the win!)
Also recite isn't the best verb to use here, but hey, at least it only proves that its original!

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[rap] musi lon

2022. 11. 21. 17:13 | \random \rap \song \toki pona \toki pona taso

Free the fish!

Working title was "musi pan", first draft was written at the end of August

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[rap] nimi mute

2022. 11. 21. 17:10 | \random \rap \toki pona \toki pona taso

Originally written to Kalimbastic before it was repurposed.

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Animating at low resolution

2022. 10. 13. 17:48 | \English \blog \bts \random

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