[poem] Amazing Ideas

2020. 12. 30. 13:00 | \English \experimental \poem \random

Shadowy meadows
Surround the valley
Skinny wee fellows
Pushing a trolley

The grasses are green
The sky is melancholic
High up many screams
The clouds are alcoholic

Eta- or methanol
No water floats anymore
Ravens are expensive
Crows yell nevermore

Elves are battling
Freestyle underground
Gnome axes rattling
Deep under in the mines

Tigers are the kings
Cats are their ambassadors
Allies to the lynx
Fighting pugs and labradors

Human come and human go
Destroying a field
Behaviour to condone
For saving the skin

They live but let them not
Such grandiose delusions
Prepare for the hunt
Fearing scary evolutions

Green is the sward
The smoke is white
New leader they chose
After killing alike

Magical sparks fly
The next era approaches
Bring back the sauri
Never learn the roaches

Elephants on horses
Mechanical beasts
Women wearing corsets
Pulling rotten teeth

Such amazing ideas
Worth a crown corona
The cries of hyenas
And the laughs of the Llorona

Ages in the past dark
Now polluting bright
We have come so far
Yet cheering for the blight

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