[poem] Untitled Pseudo-Rhyming Mumbling That I Shall Henceforth Call A Poem

2023. 09. 22. 10:30 | \English \poem \random

Now I'm standing, alas I've been sitting all my life.
My legs are heavy,
My legs are empty,
My toes are crooked, but my calves are fine.

The eyes are jumping back and forth,
Looking left and right,
Looking wrong and right,
All of them are happening in front of my front door.

My thumbs are opposing, stars of the manual corpus,
Allowing me to push,
Allowing me to pull,
Allowing me to put a ring on your digitus quartus.

I've been consuming various materials.
I eat some food,
I drink some booze;
I call it a dinner, then inhale some cancer ethereal.

My typing is loud, I'm slamming the space bar.
The 'W' is faded,
The 'Escape' is shaded,
The 'Caps Lock' is broken and I'm missing the 'left Alt'.

I'm breathing out water. Vapor is the new gas.
Solids are 2D,
Snakes now have two feet,
I'm loving the rain and Quiet's gilling for a few lads.

My arse is getting harder than granite.
The chair is hollow,
The table's shallow,
My book's audio, the gang went along to help Harry.

Concrete is the road, it's made of asphalt.
Cars are driving by,
Cars are passing by
The mail box that was broken next to the rampart.

Time flies like a lead owl with broken wings.
On the left is a tit,
On the right is a tit,
It's not what you think, I'm but an aspiring ornithologist.

I've borrowed a line, I've stolen a phrase.
They are coming close.
Their leader, she surely knows.
I'm packing rapidly 'fore they begin to chase.

I'm hiding away, I'm writing a piece,
That you are reading,
That you are hating
This preuso-rhyming mumbling I shall call a--

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We are terribly sorry to inform you that the Executioner's Office is temporarily closed due to renovations, as on the 10th of May, the grieving widow of a former customer drove their car through our display of antique torture devices...

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A reference table (sortable) for various gaming systems (handhelds, consoles, arcades) to check screen resolutions and aspect ratios for emulation. It was created for checking and comparing different system's aspect ratios and resolutions.

The table is incomplete (partially to keep it reasonable simple) and may contain erros!

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