[rap] 5 a.m.

2017. 04. 14. 12:00 | \English \explicit \nostalgia \rap \toki pona

It's not almost five a.m., it definitely is.
The normal human beings' sleepin', but it isn't me.
I just smoke a cigarette and write a kinda foolish thing.
I hear the song of birds, so... whatever, I cannot sleep!
My head is gonna be heavy, my heart is beatin' tho.
When I need to do something, I'm finding the way to go.
I'm a theoretically adoult man, or just a simple boy?
The answer would be hard, but I am a man by-the-law.
What would you do, when every else is offline?
What should you do, when you're holding a bloody knife?
What need you do, when you're crush is jumping on your broken heart?
Maybe it was hers, the blood on that kitchen stuff.
You have to know the answers, but there's no way, to know the truth.
I have to explain more details, but it's funny, what you do.
She'll never be alive again, she was just a prostitude.
By the way, she had a nice face, even pussy's ugly tho!

I'm a monster. mi monsuta.
I should go, la tan ni la mi tawa weka.
sina son' ala e nimi mi, la ona li pona tawa mi.
sina lukin e mi, la wilena pilin ike tan ni:
You don't want to know my name. Believe me, it is for ya,
You never knew anyone, who can be a monsuta.
I came from the hell, because I have an important mission.
You can just do nothing, there's no good decisions.
You will be a murderer or you'll be murdered.
That's an axiom. Even though that is fuckin' unheard.
What do you think 'bout me? I'm a hopeless, kinda crazy nerd?
No, this isn't me. No one knows me. Like a bird,
I'm flying and looking through the other's image.
Oh, you have another girl? She just have a miscarriage.
What do you wanna do? Kill me or nothing so?
The choice is yours, but if you'll do that, my mission will be performed.

I won't be a monster anymore, you'll be that instead of me.
I'll be dead and rest in peace and a lot of other kinda things.
Although your conscience will cry,
you'll be happy. Kill and fly away.
Far far away. There's always a real monsuta.
And now that'll be ya. Assassin of the Devil,
killer of the good and hero of the evil.


It's not a function, it is a procedure,
you can try, but there is no return.

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