[rap] Hello (teaser)

2017. 12. 16. 12:00 | \English \Hello \mystery \rap \toki pona

It's an "unrealeased" teaser for Hello that was written about the same time as D9.


Hello, is anyone there?
I am alone in a room, sittin' on a chair
Everything's so weird, how have I got here?
My best friends are a bucket and a mechanical pencil

There are books everywhere, around empty cupboards
And water as well, food, fountain pen, ink cartridges
notebooks and a table with a lamp on the top
I won't cry for the help, I have already done

It is ceiling, shorter than usual
I'm sleeping on a pile that I'm calling a bunk
I don't know the date, I don't know the time
I don't know the language, I don't know a rhyme

I cannot sleep well, it's too light for me
I can't turn off the light. But I won't be carefree,
I won't destroy them. In the future
I hope I can get out and be with em again...

There are incoming nightmares, incoming waves of pain,
I can be with em again, but it won't be a good memory.
E was standing on the ceiling and eir dead body floats
I was moving towards the knife, but I could not stop...

On the seventh day I found a locked door.
The day after I found something censored.
I wanna get outta here, I'm so fucking alone.
What I'm gonna do? I just wanna go home...

Is it even real? I cannot tell anymore.
I'm drawing too, I can't do well though.
What could e do now? I'm wandering a lot,
I just wanna go home, 'twas two day ago...

Days are passing away and my sanity besides them.
What'll happen the next day? No one can know that.
If you're into the story, I'm gonna tell you,
It's on hello dot dschorsaanjo dot h u


toki pona li pona. toki Inli li ken powe.


Who are you? What are you doing?
Why are you watching me?
Go away. I said GO AWAY!

  1. It was once recorded and published along with a lyrics video, but was removed soon after, So techincally it was released and also techincally it is still available as an unlisted video on youtube.
  2. Yes, it's got one or two little leads or hints that are still valid today (as of 2019/01/21).
  3. The lyrics was finished on 2017. December 21.

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