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Minor Hello update

2019. 01. 21. 19:30 | \English \Hello \mystery \quicky \unpublished

Hello has gotten a minor update again, and its original "teaser" is uploaded here as well.

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Long time no see... also MAJOR UPDATE!!!1!1!

2019. 01. 18. 14:00 | \English \Hello \blog \quicky

It was a while ago since I wrote and HELLO GOT AN UPDATE!

Not really any actual "new" content tho.

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I've done it

2018. 12. 29. 04:30 | \English \Hello \announcement \blog \bts \random \vi.log

After he finally finished the work on design, he was able to move on and start uploading the sh*te that he called his poems and other written stuff -- a.k.a. writings (of various genres).

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2018. 12. 17. 12:00 | \English \Hello \explicit \mystery

Hello is a story of...

Well, actually I don't know who's story is it. I don't know who wrote those articles, I don't know where is... Is it even a he or a she? F**k it, Imma use they. So I don't know their name, I don't know their locations, I don't know sh*t. Maybe you'll be able to answer some of those questions, as I was not.

Oh, and by the way, you can find 'em' articles at here (or just click to the page, it shall redirect you to there).

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[rap] Hello (teaser)

2017. 12. 16. 12:00 | \English \Hello \mystery \rap \toki pona

It's an "unrealeased" teaser for Hello that was written about the same time as D9.

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