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[novella] open en pini li sama

2023. 07. 25. 22:30 | \CC-BY-4.0 \horror \mystery \novella \serial \toki pona \toki pona taso

Originally published on twitter between 2022-12-15 and 2023-07-25, it is an 11 part serial, each part fitting into a single tweet (280 characters at the time of writing). The main influence should be reasonably clear.

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[short story] Unforeseen visitor

2020. 07. 14. 03:00 | \English \mystery \novella

I was playing with my cat after feeding her, when I felt a small breeze from behind. I did not think much of it, the windows were open on both sides of the room; _must have been the wind outside_, I thought, but my cat looked there and her eyes were fixated on something. I turned around, expecting nothing out of the ordinary, alas I saw a...

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[short story] Lights in the dark

2020. 06. 14. 01:30 | \English \experimental \mystery \novella

This is chronologically the first short story I publised in English, even if it wasn't the first I began writing.

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Minor Hello update

2019. 01. 21. 19:30 | \English \Hello \mystery \quicky \unpublished

Hello has gotten a minor update again, and its original "teaser" is uploaded here as well.

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2018. 12. 17. 12:00 | \English \Hello \explicit \mystery

Hello is a story of...

Well, actually I don't know who's story is it. I don't know who wrote those articles, I don't know where is... Is it even a he or a she? F**k it, Imma use they. So I don't know their name, I don't know their locations, I don't know sh*t. Maybe you'll be able to answer some of those questions, as I was not.

Oh, and by the way, you can find 'em' articles at here (or just click to the page, it shall redirect you to there).

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2018. 12. 16. 12:00 | \English \Talyiah \explicit \mystery \vi.log

vi.log is a log file for somethingVI that should not be accessed by users. Just like Hello, this will redirect you to another site.

There are totally no javascript applets hidden on this subpage!

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[rap] Hello (teaser)

2017. 12. 16. 12:00 | \English \Hello \mystery \rap \toki pona

It's an "unrealeased" teaser for Hello that was written about the same time as D9.

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