Minor Hello update

2019. 01. 21. 19:30 | \English \Hello \mystery \quicky \unpublished

So Hello has gotten an update, that includes fixing some spelling errors and the upload of some hidden goodies nothing else. As you may know (I'm talking to you, future readers, once you found my site and read old blog posts), Hello is currently still a work-in-progress. As of now (see date) the last article is P17. There is only one thing for sure: on D18, our dear protagonist shall be suffering from hangover.

The other thing that's worth mentioning is that I uploaded the original rap teaser for Hello that originally wasn't uploaded along with most of the stuff, since I thought it isn't "good enough". On second thought, now I uploaded it, because it has some relevant hints1 that I never planned to get out otherwise. One thing is sure, pictures are always important.

  1. Hell, even this quick post has gotten some hints (if you haven't figured those out yet). ↩︎

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[short story] Closed due to renovations

2023. 09. 22. 16:30 | \English \moli \novella

We are terribly sorry to inform you that the Executioner's Office is temporarily closed due to renovations, as on the 10th of May, the grieving widow of a former customer drove their car through our display of antique torture devices...

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[poem] Untitled Pseudo-Rhyming Mumbling That I Shall Henceforth Call A Poem

2023. 09. 22. 10:30 | \English \poem \random

A kind of silly poem that I've begun writing on 23 March 2022.

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Custom notification sounds

2023. 09. 08. 21:13 | \English \music \random

I made some custom notification sounds for myself and I thought I finally share them.

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