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Concepts for Writing

2020. 12. 09. 20:00 | \English \blog

Concepts for Writing is a document I wrote during April of 2020 to present some of my (currently and mostly) unused or somewhat abandoned concepts. I completely forgot about it and never posted anywhere, until now, when I do post it basically exactly as it was...

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[rap] pilin ike awen

2020. 12. 02. 21:00 | \rant \rap \toki pona \日本語

tenpo mute la tawa sina la mi wile toki e ijo.
mi ken ala awen e kalama ni, la mi wile awen tawa kon.
toki mi li lon. sitelen sina li jaki.
o tawa mama sina li nimi e ona sama "Mami!"
sitelen mi li sitelen sama ala sitelen pi jan ante.
sitelen mi li sitelen sama pu. ona li ken ala ike ante.
tenpo mun pini mute la mi toki e ni: "I'm back!"
tenpo ni la mi sitelen li toki ala awen...

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[short story] Applied Mathematics 101

2020. 10. 06. 14:30 | \English \novella

"...And so shall we begin." The voice of Mr. Soft echoed from the lecture hall's faraway walls. The auditorium was scarcely populated, students sat far and wide, as it is customary during a pandemic, which meant that the professor's question were answered by more scalps than usual. Sleeping in classes were not unheard of, but when you take away the possibility of misbehaving, one cannot make matrix arithmetic interesting enough for the masses to keep them awake...

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[short story] We're Living All Alone

2020. 09. 17. 11:30 | \English \moli \novella

Very short (~200 words) flash story inspired by a rather depressing song in basically the same setting as another (early, thus bad) short story of mine.

Published on 25th December 2020.

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Amidst the darkness

2020. 09. 14. 13:06 | \English \blog

it's been a while I've written a real one of these

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Unpopular post

2020. 08. 18. 22:12 | \English \blog \controversial

not that anyone would read it

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[rap] Tokipokalama

2020. 08. 06. 01:59 | \rap \toki pona taso

This is a lyrics I've been struggling to record, so I finally publish it here.

Update (oct 2022): Since it was performed in spoken word form during 2021's tenpo suno pi toki pona, it is considered to be "done", so I will not feel bad for never properly recording it.

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2020. 07. 30. 17:48 | \English \blog

Even though I have only published a couple of short stories that are, quite frankly, most likely to be no more than "early tries", nowadays I fancy myself as a writer and as such, I look at the world in a different way than before. Of course, as you can see, I have written novellas (or "short stories" if we want to stick with English terminology), but they were...

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[short story] Unforeseen visitor

2020. 07. 14. 03:00 | \English \mystery \novella

I was playing with my cat after feeding her, when I felt a small breeze from behind. I did not think much of it, the windows were open on both sides of the room; _must have been the wind outside_, I thought, but my cat looked there and her eyes were fixated on something. I turned around, expecting nothing out of the ordinary, alas I saw a...

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Just a random thought

2020. 07. 07. 01:30 | \random \weirdly positive

A random thought about being a writer (handwriting sample included)

Being a writer is like...

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