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[song] musi lon pini pi sike mama

2023. 08. 05. 18:45 | \song \toki pona \toki pona taso \weirdly positive

The song written for the extended ending of sike mama. Published under CC-BY 4.0.

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[song] Every step you take

2023. 02. 24. 13:00 | \English \moli \song

verse 1

every steps you take
there's a risk that you take
every moments of your life
there's a chance that you fail

that your cells sometimes fail
to properly replicate
carry over the mistakes
producing a faulty state

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[song] o toki tawa mi

2023. 02. 18. 11:30 | \esperanto \song \toki pona \translation

Translation/adaptation of Talk Dirty To Me by Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz

No, I'm not particularly fond of this earworm, I just thought it would be funny with some "toki pona" flavor.

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[rap] musi lon

2022. 11. 21. 17:13 | \random \rap \song \toki pona \toki pona taso

Free the fish!

Working title was "musi pan", first draft was written at the end of August

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[song] Ðiscord

2022. 11. 05. 23:30 | \English \random \song

A song originally written when I was considering making my own Discord server; that obviously didn't happen, but there's no reason to just "sit on it" any longer.

Original music:

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[song] Lil' Jesus Is Coming To The Town

2019. 12. 24. 00:30 | \English \parody \song \weirdly positive

In Hungarian tradition Santa Clause, a.k.a. Saint Nicolas, a.k.a. Sánta Miklós brings small present at 6th o' December, while on Christmas, the (literally "little", but usually translated as) Baby Jesus brings the presents. How? Why? Those are questions I can nor will not answer.

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[song] Nightmare song

2019. 08. 06. 23:00 | \English \moli \song

Welcome there, child,
Don't be scared of me!
I'm naught, but a wild  
Demon, a hero of fate!

Take my hand now,
And follow me please!
I'm gonna show you
What's worth to be seen!

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The sh*t continues (or, actually, this one was first)

2018. 12. 31. 04:30 | \English \blog \explicit \nostalgia \random \song \unpublished

I'm still looking for stuff to upload (and uploading contantly), then I found this one... It's titled Everything you've got.

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[song] The dogs are comin'

2018. 02. 28. 12:00 | \rejected \song

The dogs are comin'
upon a lazy night
When the people's sleepin'
only jammin's goin' on (2x)...

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[song] luka suno

2017. 08. 04. 12:00 | \olin \song \toki pona \translation

This is a translations of G.R.R. Martin's Hands of Gold (from A Storm of Swords).

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