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[poem] Dreamy Introduction

2019. 02. 24. 11:30 | \English \introduction \magyar \poem \spoken word poetry

I meant to say seeya
I meant to say hello
I'm just a student and my name you know
because this is all you know, I'd introduce myself
here we go...

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[vers] De me, avagy más szóval

2017. 06. 08. 19:00 | \introduction \latin \magyar \performed \poem \random \spoken word poetry

A legelső előadásom... inkább nem gondolnék vissza rá (borzalmas volt).

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[rap] ale ala li pona tawa mi

2015. 12. 20. 12:00 | \introduction \rap \toki pona \toki pona taso

toki! mi jan Sotan. sina pilin e seme?
sina tawa nasin seme? mi tawa nasin lete.
sina tawa nasin sama la, mi mute li ken toki.
sina sona ala e ijo la, mi jo e musi lili....

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